Published: 10th February 2009
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As an independent sandwich manufacturer, sandwich label and sandwich labelling design is of paramount importance to the success of your business. This need for good sandwich labels has never been more evident than in todays fragile economic climate where your sandwich label design must be attract consumers who are otherwise abandoning sandwich shops and supermarkets in favour of more seemingly cost effective home-made solutions.

This worrying trend is evidence that sandwich labels must now display low prices to appeal to the cost-conscious consumer as well as enticing sandwich label design if the pre-packed sandwich sector is to thrive. According to recent reports the pre-packed sandwich sector has suffered in the global economic crisis with the majority of major supermarkets and franchises confirmed to be down in volume by 6-10%.

However, it is not all doom and gloom as, on average, 2 billion sandwiches are still sold every year. Thats a lot of sandwich labels, so you, the independent manufacturer, must act now to implement quality sandwich label design to ensure that your sandwich labelling is desirable enough for consumers to part with their money. Now all this may portray sandwich labelling to be an expensive operation, however with the sandwich labelling solution from, this is simply not the case., part of the etiquette network, have designed and developed a cost-effective sandwich labelling solution for the independent sandwich manufacturer. It is available for only £525 and as free sandwich label design software is included in the kit, it is the ideal way to begin printing, and even customizing, your own professional sandwich labels.

In conclusion, if you are an independent sandwich manufacturer, now is not the time to mourn the fall of your industry in this global finacial crisis, it is the time to embrace invention and persevere in the best ways to move your business forward both affordably and sensibly. Eventually it seems the market will stabilize and may even emerge stronger. Short term panic measures must not undermine your long term future in the market, so start preparing for your future now and invest in a good sandwich labelling solution for your sandwich labels.

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